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You can’t pump revenue indefinitely to keep your sales revenue afloat forever. Develop an effective marketing strategy that scales and supports your sales and hiring efforts together.

A business is as valuable as its brand — make it stick and grow confidently 24/7.

Developing a Stellar Marketing Strategy

Allocating Resources Effectively

Creating a Smart Repurposing Workflow

Creating a Self-Sustainable Brand

Growing Your Revenue Day and Night

Automating Your Marketing Initiatives

Marketing is not about defining the next shiny new object. 

A successful marketing strategy will enable you to develop new revenue channels, recruit top talent, increase retention rates through the value of your brand, and amplify any partnership and PR efforts along the way.

Eager to grow? Invest in marketing!

Stop hitting obstacles and paying a premium due to an invisible brand. Grow your business on budget over time with the strategic marketing tactics we’ve developed over the past decade.

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How to Develop Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is not about the bells and whistles.

The lack of clear KPIs in so many campaigns gives marketing a bad name. In reality, you can develop the right indicators through establishing strategic goals across your initiatives.

1. Developing Buyer Personas

The very first step to building an effective marketing strategy is the development of your buyer personas.

Your ideal target audience needs the right, custom-tailored message that resonates with their struggles.

Develop unique personalized profiles that clearly define your ideal clients — from demographics through interests, fears and struggles, and challenges you can solve for them.

Focus is paramount for building effective campaigns — and it all starts with the buyer persona.

2. Identifying the Right Channels

There is no “one-size-fits-all” channel that serves every business on the planet.

Identifying the right channels that resonate with your persona is the next logical step to revealing new opportunities for growth.

Find out where your ideal prospects hang out:

The right marketing mix is omnichannel — a combination between content marketing and SEO, paid ads and remarketing, social media, influencer marketing, partnerships & affiliates — and even offline in some cases. Discover what works for your buyer persona and double down for maximum results.

3. Competitive Research

Reinventing the wheel is expensive and time is of the essence. 

Once we establish the foundation, doing some due diligence on what works for your competitors may reveal some insights worth investing in.

Successful businesses invest heavily in marketing and since most efforts are publicized, reverse-engineering effective techniques is a matter of experience. 

We will list down your top competitors and explore their marketing efforts across every channel there is — everything from UX, tone of voice, marketing funnels, remarketing pixels, content pillars, successful keywords, and channels that convert.

4. Exploring Opportunities

Once the possibilities are clear, it’s time to refine your unique positioning and what you can bring to the table.

Some businesses have the added leverage of employing video experts, owning white papers or partnership collateral that could be placed right away, or having media exposure we can double down on.

Otherwise, it’s all about defining the unique angle you can tackle.

How about developing a new series of quick tips that answer the most painful questions your audience has? Combined with Instagram stories and raffles, or maybe a comic strip that makes your company unique.

If your executive team is comfortable to speak, we can develop a set of topics or interview questions and develop a video channel together. Videos can be converted to scripts, and further repurposed in LinkedIn slides or Twitter threads.

Sky’s the limit. 

5. Developing a Leading Channel

After the full assessment is over, let’s pick one channel that works.

Set realistic KPIs over and develop a short-term strategy with growth in mind.

We will leverage existing channels, tools, and techniques that helped us grow other brands, and give you the blueprints to make it happen.

Starting with one channel first is integral. Once the initial traction is there, we will build a sustainable process that’s easy to follow before we move on to the next step.

6. Repurposing to the Rescue

Grow across the board with minimum effort.

How to maintain a myriad of channels with minimum effort?

Enter content repurposing.

A picture is worth a thousand words — but videos can do even better. Whenever possible, we will create video content that could be extracted to a transcript, used in blog posts, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, Instagram carousels, and more. Same content, different format adjusted to the medium.

Audio can be transferred to a podcast as well or used as a starting point with a tool like Otter for automated transcripts.

Even traditional text content can be reshaped across all channels.

7. Branding & PR

Make a long-term brand investment.

Effective marketing is about amplifying efforts without growing your marketing team indefinitely.

Successful campaigns develop your brand further and unlock new opportunities — branded mentions, interviews, podcast appearances, and more. We will define some strategic topics worth investing in, find the right angles, develop some stories or data-driven materials worth sharing, and tap into our PR network for maximum value.

Once we hop on the wave, we’ll amplify and use the initial traction to grow faster.

8. Delegation

There are different ways to execute and amplify your efforts:

Developing a distributed team will effectively reach your goals without requiring an army of marketing rockstars from the get-go. We are mindful of your budget and understand the implications of investing a small fortune before you see results. Let’s work on setting smart goals with budget in mind — until it pays off.

9. Scale

Grow comfortably once the efforts pay off.

Growth Shuttle will monitor your KPIs and identify growth opportunities for you. Once campaigns take off and generate the results you need, we will advise on the right steps to scale the efforts that work and amplify the results further.

New channels will be launched following a similar process for better diversification. This may include additional opportunities like affiliate partnerships or marketplaces, connecting with editors in leading magazines, unlocking new speaking opportunities, and more.

Examples of our work

Scaled a publishing business from $300/day to over $15,000 daily

Addressed performance and UX challenges with an event management business, securing deals with two Fortune 1,000 companies

Helped amplify the marketing efforts of a product business from $500K ARR to $3M ARR over a year

Automated marketing initiatives and cut costs for businesses that skyrocketed through our PPC agency partners

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Investing efforts in your marketing strategy pays off over time. Let's discuss your next move.