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After growing 3 companies past 7 figures in revenue from scratch, I help SMEs and growing startups achieve excellence through operational efficiency, digital transformation, and effective management workflows.

Our Story

Growth Shuttle was launched in 2018 as a continuation of 15 years in entrepreneurship and 10 years of running businesses.

Mario Peshev is a tech entrepreneur who went through multiple phases of bootstrapping businesses – from freelancing through a startup to founding DevriX, a team of 50+ building enterprise-grade solutions on top of WordPress.

Peshev has been involved in training activities for organizations like VMware, SAP, CERN, Saudi Aramco, universities, and private academies since 2006. Over the years, his clients got in touch for business strategy, inbound marketing, digital transformation, operations improvement, team scaling and more.

Growth Shuttle is a team of 5 working with Peshev on competitor research, digital strategy, relationship building, and constant innovation in all things business improvement approach.

Our launchpad is directly implemented for consulting clients once the value proposition is confirmed and the funnel works consistently.

Satisfied Clients
Successful Launches
Consulting Hours
Bootstrapped Companies


Here are the most frequent topics that our clients contact us about.​

Management Operations

Bootstrapped startups reach out for growth advice in handling recruitment and operations at scale.​

Agency Scaling​

Digital agencies aspire for growth through adding new departments and responsibilities, delegating tasks, building recurring revenue, and optimizing processes.

Digital Transformation

SMEs in non-tech businesses are looking for ways to scale automation and reduce overhead via digital transformation.

Advisory Plans

Our plans are flexible, but we’ve listed down the most common subscription plans that we offer.


$600 / month

1 Hour Call
Iterating over the monthly pain points with an actionable plan

$1,800 / month

1 Hour Call
Iterating over the monthly pain points with an actionable plan
Implementing strategies via the GrowthShuttle business, tech, and marketing tools
Brand representation (ambassador)
Emails and Slack Discovery

$7,500 / month

Weekly calls, meetings, or monthly training
Working with multiple departments on strategy and direction (fractional CXO)
Email and Slack discussions
Participation in PR, partnerships, and negotiations together
mario points

Business Accelerator Course

Free 8-week email course on how to scale your business

mario book

126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneurship Fad and the Dark Side of Going Solo

The US Census Bureau reported 32,570,855 small businesses operating across the States. Allegedly, every tenth American runs their own business.

However, a follow-up story discloses that 76.2% of businesses that had no employees accounted for merely 4% of SMB sales.

As the memory of the 2008 financial recession fades away and the stories of funded startups crossing the 1 billion dollar mark, both regular workers and college students dream about running a successful business, relieved from the boredom of their corporate job or a life spent in a cubicle while paying off debts and mortgages.

Strategic goals. Tactical objectives

I take an operational approach to accelerate leadership development and propel business forward.